This is St. Augustine grass.  If you live in S. Austin this is probably what you've got.  It is the most shade tolerant of the available turfgrasses.  It needs more water to stay alive than it's bermuda counterpart.  Healthy St. Augustine needs very little weed control because the thick blades crowds out the bad stuff.

This is Bermuda grass.  If you live in a newer home in S. Austin you probably have this grass.  The city wants contractors to put this grass in because they think it needs less water than St. Augustine.  It does need less water to stay alive, but needs about the same amount to really look good.  If Bermuda gets too dry it will go into dormancy and look like its dead until it gets more water.  St. Augustine will just die and need replacing.  Bermuda can be planted with seed (which is cheap) while St. Augustine must be sodded.  (put down in pre-grown square pieces)   Bermuda yards get lots of weeds if you're not staying on top of it.

This is Zoysia.  It has a slightly fewer pest and disease problems than St. Augustine, needs a little less water, and feels a little softer because it has finer blades.  It's slightly more expensive, doesnt spread as easily or quickly to fill in dead spots, and doesnt handle human or dog traffic as well.

Here is a summary of what is explained below:

Most yards are $34+tax or $39 +tax for corner or cul-de-sac lots

Bagging up and disposing of leaves and debris is $4.50 for each large bag

Hedging is billed by the hour.

We can come either weekly or bi-weekly depending on your needs.

We won't spend your money mowing a yard that doesnt need it.

We bill monthly by mail or via email. (you want to do email ; )

Lawn Problems!


For most yards $34 includes a really nice job of mowing, edging, trimming, blowing and keeping front flower beds weeded and clean.  For most corner and cul-de-sac lots add $5.  We do have to charge sales tax and occasionally do need to charge more for yards that take more time.

Bagging the grass and raking/ bagging leaves may need to be a bit more.  We figure our extra labor and disposal cost by the bag, so you will see $4.50 for every large trash bag of debris that we get up and haul away.  Unless otherwise requested, we may elect to do this a coulpe times a year.  We only do that  if your trees have dropped so many leaves that mulching them up with our mowers would leave an unsightly and unhealthy amount of thatch on the yard.   Not bagging leaves up when they should is the most common mispractice I see among homeowners and inexperienced lawn guys.   You may soon start to see the thinning out of your grass much like it thins out under too much shade.   

We are happy to trim your hedges if need be.   We charge $65/hr per crew (2 guys) for hedging.  All flowerbed cleanup is billed the same way.  We move fast and and clean em up nice.   We know if you feel like you're paying too much for any service, we won't be doing it for long.  

Another great thing about House to House is that we don't mow if it don't need it.   We often see other companies ruining peoples yards mowing over dry, brittle grass thats already too short.  We will either do a "partial service" for a partial price, or,  if we see the yard should just be skipped, then we skip it.  No charge to you.    But please save us the trip out if think we should put off the mow by giving us a call or shooting me an email. (housetohouselawncare@gmailcom)

We can either come weekly or bi-weekly depending on your needs.  We are punctual about our mowing days.  Unless weather pushes us back you can count on us comming on the same day each week.

Billing is done the middle of every month, and we can send you a statement by mail or via E-mail.   ( want to do email...)


Lawn Problems!

 Fungus!  Fungus most often shows up when the ground is too wet, too often.  Over fertilizing will also help bring about this problem.  It usually spreads in a circular pattern and can quickly overrun an entire yard if it's being overwatered.  Cornmeal gluten is a natural preventative for fungus, and may slow or halt the spread of a mild case.  The best preventative is just paying attention to the amount you're fertilizing and watering.  Even so it can still pop up!  I've had no luck with the cheap stuff from Home Depot. Commercial fungicide is pricey but, in my oppinion, is the only thing that does a good job dealing with this problem.


Chinch Bugs!  Chinch Bugs are a super common here in Austin.  They have the most dramatic affect on St. Augustine grass.  You can see them if you go stare at your grass in the heat of the day.  They run up and down the blades and are about the size of ants.  The adults have an oval spot on their back.  Usually white or blue around here.   The younger ones are a little harder to distinguish.  Chinch bugs show up in stressed, dry lawns!  My experience is that a yard looks bad BEFORE chinch bugs show up.  First thing to check is your sprinkler system to make sure that spot is getting adequate water.  They usually show up near the driveway or sidewalk in the heat of summer.  I suspect it's not because they like the hot sidewalk but because that's where the stressed out grass is.